Monday, September 7, 2009


This last week my friends and I went on a road trip. We stayed up late and talked and joked around. Towards the end of our time together we really began seriously talking about what opportunities are out there for people. Un employment is supposed to reach over 10% next year. That is not good new when companies have to reduce their staff by the millions. What about the young people just entering a negative environment.This isn't looking good. Now I will say the group of kids I am with are not the employee type - they will become the employers. How can I say that? It is in the attitude and perception of life and the economy. Understanding not everyone makes millions of dollars or succeeds in their ventures, it is the way these things are handled.After sampling my mother's chocolates our brains began spinning with chocolate possibilities! We opened a spreadsheet, thought of the markets, the commitment levels, and began writing our plans. We could invest in a chocolate business. This we can do while we are in school. We could franchise the ideas we have to other students in other universities.But how does this get America working? It gets America working because we are working. NO ONE will get a job while they sit on unemployment checks. It is too easy to relax and get into that feeling. If you get unemployment you are not in a lost situation. Look around you - you could create anything, any job you want.You want money go to any business and say, "Hi I'm.... and I would like to help your company..." Then go out and generate business for them (having them sign and agree on a means of compensation). It is not easy but at least you are actively part of your life.And who knows with the unclear future of taxes and benefits, companies may be more inclined to take a 1099 worker above a regular employee.This is just something to think about.

Friday, August 28, 2009

a missing element

When America is strong.

Comparing our country to our personal lives is something so unique to us. If you think about it, it is true. All that is good does not come free or without effort. Love, friendship, family, work, appreciation. Not one of those things can we truly have without paying attention.

We have not been online for quite sometime. After our flood we were given more "tests". Our mother fell ill and it is amazing how much we truly depend on her. Our family center was leaving, our light and happiness. At first we pitched in to help and as the weeks went by we began to argue. The house began falling behind and it felt more like a funeral home than a living home.Sometimes we take things for granted.

Our dinner, clean towels, as corny as it sounds being "tucked in". The sunsets seemed to slip into the horizon silently without anyone pointing out the beauty.We had taken for granted an important element. It is vital to our freedom and to the American opportunity that we understand not only our rolls in society but the rolls other people play.

If we want our economy to get back on track we cannot continuously cut down our businesses. We cannot tax the life and soul out of hard working people (that includes business owners!). The United States government has taken people for granted, they still do. They are missing every sunset and sunrise. For if they stood outside, and silently watched the sun dip they may gain a little humility. However practically every one of the politicians and special interest groups out there are hardened to their own power and greed. America may be free but the freedom isn't.Just like our dinner and towels, someone worked for them. We need to be thankful for everything we have. There is no room for someone who doesn't even try.PS Our mother is doing well.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Memorial Day

Over the last two months our family has been hit with one thing after another. First our dad is overseas then we find a duckling and put it in the bath upstairs where the water ran for several hours and turned our home into a hazard zone. Our floors and wall were taken out, the flooring company had no idea what they were doing so they removed and installed the flooring multiple times, our bathroom is still under construction and life is interesting.

Then one of our companies we've worked with for the last three years went out of business - but not before siphoning our bank account. We have beautiful pelicans that fly up the river in front of our home and someone is shooting them because they are hurting the salmon.

As we prepared for our Memorial Day celebration complete with US history treasure hunt and the playing of Taps (Devin sounds incredible) we smiled. No matter what lands in our path, how hard life gets all mixed up, we live in a country that allows for all these things to happen while at the same time giving us every opportunity to turn things around and learn from the experiences.

Our country's foundation and all that has happened to preserve it is nothing to gloss over. There is not a moment that goes by when we do not remember this. When we keep our God and country close to our heart we will not be lost. We will know that no matter what happens we can make through. Thank God for our country, Thank God for all those who defend our constitution, Thank God for those we love, and Thank God for our unique opportunity -

Monday, March 2, 2009

This sums it up

Dr. Adrian Rogers (1931-2005) offered the following observation several years ago and it bears poignant significance today:

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the rich out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply the wealth by dividing it."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Come on America WAKE UP

Prepare for the worst; hope for something that is not.

Life will NOT be like Little House on the Prairie; that was a time when America was rising.

People worked hard for their families. They thanked God for being their center in all they did and all they had. People knew if they worked hard, they could succeed.

Today, however hard work is punished. We have no real leaders standing up for good morals and values. People who have them are panicking. There may only a limited amount of time until America could see its own revolution, against itself.

But where do the lines get drawn? There are not two groups in America. We each live with different levels of morality and ideas. That is what is great about our country; we have the choice to believe what we want.

Isn’t it interesting, what made America great will ultimately take her down. Many Americans can see this collapse in our country; the end of everything we’ve known all our lives, our parents lives, and our grandparents lives. It is not just an economic collapse which our media has got to stop stressing. Our very country is on the verge of extinction.

Now what?

What can we do?

First, TURN OFF THE MEDIA. STOP LISTENING TO THEM! By doing this you will once again be on the path to leading your life and achieving your goals. Then when someone comes to take what you worked for away you will stand up.


Third, SILVER, Get silver, one handful per person in your family.

Fourth, You must prepare yourself mentally for life unknown. Keep God close and reach out to others.



There's a hole in my bucket

When you were a kid did your parents ever tell you “If it’s not yours don’t touch it.”?

Well that’s what I’m telling the government to do with our economy. When a child touches something and breaks it they have a tendency to try to fix it, but yet they break it more. Then the parent comes in, takes it away, and repairs it themselves. The 2 trillion dollars (after interest) worth of bailouts the government passed will just prolong the economic situation and destroy the fabric of our country.

Were does 2 trillion dollars come from? Well knowing that no countries truly want to lone the U.S. money anymore, and our government can’t tax 2 trillion dollars from the people, they will just have to print it – which will eventually cause immense inflation.

The reason the government cannot tax 2 trillion dollars from the American people is the revenue from taxes on an annual basis does not cover even 50% of our annual spending. By raising taxes the businesses, upper middle-class and the upper class, will actually reduce the economy further. Over taxing these groups will cause severe financial stress for them and will force many into bankruptcy.

The result of this forced stimulus will cause millions to lose their jobs and additionally makes it very hard to start a new business. The new laws and regulations strangle the American economy, killing America as we know it. It is the small and medium businesses and upper classes that provide and create the jobs for everyone else.

People across the nation voted for hope and change. They want their problems solved, they want someone to take responsibility and even pay for their situations. I agree someone has to take responsibility. However, looking towards the government is wrong. People have to take responsibility for themselves, period.

Looking at the ideas and quotes from our founders we read:

Ben Franklin: “I am for what doing good for the poor, but am at a different opinion of the means. The best thing we can do for the poor is Not make them easy in poverty. But leading or driving them out of it.”

Ben Franklin: “When people find a way to vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

Thomas Jefferson: “The democracy will cease to exist when you are willing to take away from those who will work and give it to those who will not.”

It is important that we understand those quotes and educate ourselves. This bailout represents a direct contraction to what is good and strong. Creating a social economic destruction, our government leaders know exactly this. We need to remove parties, make tough choices, and lay the responsibility of life back into the hands of people.

Without withdrawing federal funds, we will enter a serious inflation. However, before this inflation we will enter deflation.

Deflation means nobody is spending money. So there are more goods in the market than there is money circulating. The prices drop, making our currency look strong.

When the currency looks strong and our economy looks healthier is when inflation enters.
With the dollar looking stronger people start spending. Where there was a surplus of goods now there is a surplus of money.

Prices must go up to balance the supply and demand. Just to clarify what inflation is… It’s when there is more money than products.

This is bad because if you have a dollar in the bank and prices of products double then your dollar is worth half of its original value. The government is printing so much money that we will enter hyperinflation which will make your dollar in the bank practically worthless; it could easily be that it takes $1000 to equal $100 in today's money.

Unfortunately, the dependency on the government to “fix” our problems has become so great that when hyperinflation hits the people will cry for help, again.

There are only two options at this point. Give up our freedoms that so many before us fought and died for – for the imagined comfort of socialism. Or, the government puts their hands in their pocket and says, America you are great and we believe in you, un-imaginable hard times have struck this country, We will do everything in our power to keep our lands out of enemy hands, and you have to face the day without welfare, without social spending, and you must find a way to work together on your own.

No longer will the pictures painted by Norman Rockwell represent the best of America, for that day has long since past. The United States Government isn’t strong enough to make the right choices and the American people aren’t properly educated, many of them are ignorant when it comes to a whole view; they just do not know better.

The simple answer is socialism. We as a society are too far away from ingenuity and problem solving that created the prosperity our country realized for so many years.

Americans need to wake up! We must stand together, untied and say to our governments (local and federal), “If it not yours, don’t touch it!”


Believe in America

As I pace back and forth in my living room, I feel trapped. My insides are begging for freedom like a tiger in his windowed cage.

On the other side of the glass I see the trainers tap and laugh at my desperation. Saying they know what is best for me. Throwing in a measured piece of meat when my hunger peaks, they tell me to calm down and not worry about a thing – they will do my hunting, they will run and jump and experience all life has to offer; feeding their own souls.

The economy. The government. The bailouts. How can we sit back and let others, who do not know us, live our lives? We’ve heard the banter back and forth; need the bailouts, don’t need the bailouts.

But what happens when we let the economy alone, placing it in the hands of the American citizens?

Ancestrally, we are people who give life their best shot. We worked. We worked hard for the people we loved. We worked for the things we had. Yes, some people had more than others did; some people struggled. That is how life works. It is up to us to find the best in our situation, whatever it may be.

Therefore, when we find ourselves out of one job, we need to turn off the negative noise, stop watching hours of TV and start living our lives. We are useful people. We are smart people. No one, ever, has been promised happiness. No one, ever, has been promised a paved road. It is the bumps, the gravel, and even the cliffs, that define who and what we are.

When businesses fail – the failure creates opportunity. Years ago, Mt. St. Helens erupted leaving the ground seemingly barren. It looked like a vast wasteland. …Death.

Isn’t it amazing the rebirth of life and beauty on that mountain? That is how our economy is. If we stop trying to force growth we may enter a period of barrenness. However, underneath this “barrenness” prosperity lies stirring and developing. Beauty will bloom with a new strength and vigor. It may look different but its creation the same.

We as a society need to prepare ourselves for this change and begin thinking of ways we can move forward.

Opportunity is out there. Remember a baby learning to walk, falls but doesn’t quit. If parents chose to carry their baby everywhere, so they didn't fall again, it retards their progress.

This is the same as our government giving the bailouts. It may hurt at first to trip but Americans are strong.

Believe in our Country. Believe in our founding principles. Believe in ourselves. We will develop our ideas, start businesses, and create jobs. Just whatever you do….. don’t quit!

-David Beatty